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  • Meeting your lady
  • Gifts - impressions
  • Heart healing

How it works

Every man wants to have a good, loyal wife, who can make him happy everyday. We believe that every person deserves to be happy, so we are here to help you! It is so easy to find HER, just follow our steps:

Step 1: You fill out the REGISTER FORM on our site and we have a video conversation with you to know you more and your wishes.

Step 2: Then we propose potential girls you may have interest in. The number of them can vary, on every step you can get acquainted with other girls. After your approval and the girl's approval, you have either one day trial chat or first FREE skype videochat with one lady and a translator upon request.

Step 3: If you are satisified with our work and you desire to know the lady more, you pay for our services and we organise further communication.

Is it possible to choose a girl from your gallery?
Yes, but we need to be sure that she can be a good match and she has an interest in you. That is why we prefer both sides via blind match.
When can I get direct contacts of a lady?
Whenever you and her feel you are ready to. We don't require anyone to communicate through the agency.


Matchmaking package:

3 girls - 540 USD
2 girls - 380 USD
1 girl - 210 USD

  • Unlimited messages through the site
  • Precise partner searching by a professional team
  • Relationship coaching
  • Access to all hidden profile*
  • Proposing your profile to our candidates
  • Effective and dedicated services

*not all girls want their profile to be on the site

Dating tour

You can come any time and spend 8 nights/9 days in Ukraine!

  • Only trustful women!
  • What is included in dating tour:
  • ● Skype consultation with a Specialist
  • ● Apartment Accommodations for 8 night / 9 days
  • ● Selection of Ladies according to your criteria
  • ● Assistance during a day and unlimited support
  • ● Transfers to/from Airport and train station
  • ● Planning and organizing all activities
  • ● Cell Phone is provided for the entire 9 days with a SIM card ( card may be kept if requested )

* The prepayment is 500$ which won't be back in case of cancellation. Activities will be chosen when you buy tickets to Ukraine

**all program is very flexible. You never know when you fall in love and how your plans can be changed. You can have dates with the same lady and of course change the contacts

Price: 4000 USD

Fill out the form below to order a dating tour.

Our manager will contact you.

Meeting your lady

This exciting moment when You will see your lady (ladies) in person, it will come true sooner or later. You are confident in coming to Ukraine and get to know Her. We help to organise your trip with transfer, accommodation, guiding and meetings. For sure Dating plan depends on wishes of a man and woman, however we propose our three types, accompanied with a translator:


Light dating (for first meetings) Walking at the park or a city + restaurant starts from 60 USD

Emotion dating (to impress a girl) Live concert, theater, exhibition etc.+ restaurant starts from 100 USD

Private dating (for romantic serious intention couples) The dinner on a roof, boat trip, unexpected surprises etc.
starts from 160 USD

Each date we organise according to interest and stage of relationships. We are open for your ideas, so you can impress Her by your own creative way :) If she does not live in Kiev, we advice you to help with her tickets and accommodation, in case she can not afford it by herself. Or we have a trip to her hometown.

If it is better for both of you for Her to visit you first, we advice you to help with a flight and accommodation expenses. We help with visa and documents when it's necessary. You must take a responsibility for her personal safety, interesting time spending and cultural acceptance.

Gifts - impressions

Dear gentlemen! We are glad to help you to impress your girl with an exclusive gift! We can arrange an unforgettable surpise for her and deliver any present she wants. We offer the following types of presents:

Gift: (we choose by her preference)
delivery included

  • Handmade postcard 7 USD
  • Fruit basket 40 USD
  • 7 roses 30 USD
  • A cake 20 USD
  • 5 bars of chocolate + candies 15 USD
  • A book of Ukrainian poetry 20 USD

Impression: (each has a duration of 1 hour)

  • A belly dance lesson 20 USD
  • Art therapy with a therapist 15 USD
  • English lesson 15 USD
  • Photo session 80 USD
  • Video editing/blogger lesson 15 USD

Special: (we make a unique present, prices vary)

  • surprise on a birthday
  • bag, perfume, clothes etc.
  • poster+video


Heart healing

Our studio can help you to heal yourself.

Everyone has their unsuccessful past: divorcing, bad relationships, online scams...
You carry it for so long inside, it is time to breath free and move on!

Here you can write your story anonymously and our therapist will write you back. just be yourself and honest :)

Free of charge*